A downloadable game

A story based game.

Per the github page, you'll want to:

git clone 'https://github.com/ahungry/alluring-allegory.git'

into a directory in your Quicklisp local projects path (by default, for most users, in ~/quicklisp/local-projects).

After that, just enter your REPL and:

(ql:quickload :alluring-allegory)

alternatively, grab the tar.gz that is here on itch.io and quickload it in the same manner.

Published Jan 10, 2016
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, linux, osx, Story Rich, windows

Install instructions

Make sure to put in your ~/quicklisp/local-projects, then run:

(ql:quickload :alluring-allegory)


alluring-allegory.tar.gz 1 MB


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Find the github development history at https://github.com/ahungry/alluring-allegory